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Highland Winter

The Scottish Highlands in winter offer dramatic potential. Snow, frost, ice and wildlife make for a heady combination of opportunities that vary each year as the conditions do. We’ll have exclusive use of a range of sites to allow us to capture local highlights including Red Squirrel, Crested Tit and a variety of other woodland birds. We’ll also look to photograph Red Deer and weather willing (and on an optional basis) head up into the mountains in search of Ptarmigan.

Snow Bunting and Mountain Hare are also very much on our radar in terms of species as we look to work a number of locations during the course of the trip whilst allowing time to develop an array of images of your personal priorities too. With stunning landscape potential all around as well, this trip offers a real opportunity to capture all that a Highland Winter has to offer the nature photographer.

Dates: 25-31 January, 2020  |  8-14 February, 2020

Location: Cairngorms National Park

Price: £1395

Booking: Natures Images

Red Squirrel Special

Red Squirrel

The Scottish Highlands are the home to many wonderful subjects but without a doubt, one of the most beautiful subjects to be found there is the Red Squirrel. We have been working with Red Squirrels for many years and during this long weekend break, we will have exclusive use of a pair of sites to allow us to capture this iconic mammal, producing a stunning and varied portfolio.

Each site offers different set-ups from simple portraits to capturing the acrobatic ability of this charming mammal as it leaps through the air, to incorporating the forest environment with wide angle shots to show the stunning forests. All in all a jam-packed short break to capture an array of images of our native Red.

Dates: 6-9 March, 2020

Location: Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Price: £825

Booking: Natures Images

Rewilding Retreat


Imagine a Scotland where nature is reawakened. Where the lost tapestry of Scots pine, rowan, birch, oak, aspen, alder and hazel that once draped itself across our hillsides is stitched back together. Where our land and seascapes teem once again with wildlife. Where nature-based enterprises support thriving communities. Where human connections to the natural world are strengthened in villages and cities. Where land and sea, people and wildlife, businesses and culture flourish together.

This is rewilding.

Rewilding in Scotland is part of a growing worldwide movement that seeks to bring about the large-scale restoration of ecosystems on land and at sea. This means thinking differently, thinking beyond our network of nature reserves: thinking about the Big Picture.

Despite the UK lagging behind much of Europe, there are many exciting rewilding initiatives underway in the Scottish Highlands that will see large areas of forest, peatland and wetland restored and revitalised. These are the places where sea eagles soar, pine martens forage and beavers shape forest and loch. These are the places where one day, lynx might stalk their prey again.

Our retreats visit inspiring rewilding projects where we’ll hear first-hand from the experts on the ground. Along the way, we’ll visit amazing primeval forests, dramatic glens and sparkling highland lochs in search of ospreys, eagles, red squirrels, pine martens, beavers and otters.

Our adventure will be enhanced by fascinating discussions amongst our group, picnic lunches in the field and of course, the odd coffee stop. At the end of each day, we will return to the comfort of our mountain lodge for a relaxing evening meal with a glass of wine (or two...)

A key element of rewilding is for communities to see the economic benefit in wild nature and our Rewilding Retreats demonstrate and support this principle.

Dates: 30 May - 5 Jun, 2020   |   6 - 12 Jun, 2020   |   31 Oct - 6 Nov 2020

Location: Cairngorms National Park

Price: £1325

Booking: SCOTLAND: The Big Picture

Sea Eagle Spectacular

The west coast of Norway is one of the most beautiful regions of northern Europe. This pristine coastline is the home of the White-tailed Sea Eagle. Without a doubt one of the most exciting wildlife photography opportunities that has emerged over the recent years has been the chance to photograph the majesty and grace of White-tailed Eagles as they dive to snatch a fish from the water beside your boat.

The experience itself is amazing with stunning images to match and with just 4 guests this is a truly exclusive experience as well. Ole-Martin Dahle’s Norwegian set-up was the pioneering (and still by a clear distance the best) in this field and you will have all the advice and opportunity you need to get your own spectacular shots. We’ve scheduled early morning and evening trips for the best light conditions throughout our trip.

Image: ©Natures Images

Dates: 15-20 August, 2020

Location: Flatanger, Norway

Price: £2045

Booking: Natures Images

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